Minor in Entrepreneurship

Learning Goal 1: Graduates will develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
Learning Objective 1: Foster connections between creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Learning Objective 2: Engage in critical thinking and analysis.
Learning Objective 3: Learn to manage and be comfortable with risk.

Learning Goal 2: Graduates will acquire venture development skills.
Learning Objective 1. Develop a business concept.
Learning Objective 2. Manage the growth of a new venture.

Learning Goal 3: Graduates will develop entrepreneurship management skills.
Learning Objective 1. Learn to build an effective team.
Learning Objective 2. Develop effective and efficient innovation processes.

Learning Goal 4: Graduates will have effective communication skills.
Learning Objective 1. Develop proper communication skills.
Learning Objective 2. Execute professional reports for stakeholders.

Minor Requirements

ENTR210     Creative Entrepreneurship     3
ENTR310     Social Entrepreneurship     3
ENTR315     Technology and Innovation Management     3
ENTR410     Startup- Camp     3
MGT225     Foundations of Entrepreneurship     3
Total           15

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