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Integrated Marketing Communication (15 hrs)

This course describes the basic principles and practices of advertising, while emphasizing the role of integrated marketing mix in brand management. It will highlight the key elements essential to the development of an advertising campaign as well as the media tools and planning needed to transmit a clear message to consumers about the brand. Additionally, the course will explain the importance of in-store marketing, sales promotion, and public relations in brand management.

Instructor : Ms. Suzanne El Khoury
Delivery mode: Online

The Skin and the Sun (15 hrs)

This course describes the long-standing relationship between the skin and the sun, from the standard behavior of a sun-exposed skin to excessive exposure and the photo-aging process. It will help students learn about skin reaction, skin cells behavior and the physiological factors involved during sun exposure.

Instructor : Dr. Rindala El Khoury
Delivery mode: Online

Start Your Business (8 hrs)

The Start Your Business course is dedicated to teaching the methodology of design thinking to validate if the proposed solution is feasible, viable, and desirable. You will learn the process of understanding the consumer’s problems and needs, ideate around the needs to find solutions, decide which solution you are going to work on, prototype the solution, and test it in the market.

Instructor : Mr. Elie Akhrass
Delivery mode: Online

Hospitality and Event Management

This course will tackle event management from a simplified yet different perspective. It will give participants a few tricks and tips for choosing an event theme, planning it from A to Z, and working on different setups, in addition to many other related subjects.

Instructor : Ms. Gaëlle Rbeïz
Delivery mode: Online

Sports Nutrition (15 hrs)

It is well known that high energy levels, optimal gains from training, improved general health and accelerated recovery are all benefits associated with adequate nutritional practices. In this course, you will explore the impact of nutrition on an athlete’s training. You will learn the best tips and insights on how to control your own nutrition and integrate proven strategies in your daily routine.

Instructor : Ms. Krystel Kfoury
Delivery mode: Online
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