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Certificate in Geopolitics – Distance Learning

Do you wish to get involved in political and diplomatic life in Lebanon and abroad, or simply to gain a better understanding of the complex political equation in the Middle East? This course is just what you are looking for.

This online course, titled “the New Great Game on Geopolitical Competition between Major Powers in the Middle East”, is delivered by the Higher Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences, which is affiliated to the School of Law and Political Sciences, in collaboration with the USEK Continuing Learning Center (UCLC). It aims to promote the acquisition of sufficient knowledge in order to adequately understand the geopolitical dynamics between major world powers, which affect the Middle East in general and Lebanon in particular.

This online course gives you the ability to:
  • Expand your knowledge on the Middle East.
  • Understand the main geopolitical factors and the role of major world powers in the region.
  • Develop your negotiation, decision-making, and consultation skills.
  • Boost your career and academic experience by incorporating new techniques in a constantly evolving field.
  • Study and work at the same time.

This online course is addressed to students, teachers, members of the diplomatic corps, security and defense personnel, business professionals, and all those interested in knowing more about the geopolitical dynamics of the Middle East and the great changes occurring in the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean and in the Gulf region. You will learn, among others, how and why Lebanon became a crucial element on the geostrategic chessboard and on the U.S. and European Union’s agenda.

The 2-credit course spanning over 8 weeks is equivalent to 30 hours of learning delivered entirely in English by 1 external experts and 3 USEK faculty via the online learning management system Moodle (

Total program fees: $450.
Starting date: First week of November 2019.


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