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Summer School

USEK International Summer School is an exciting summer opportunity designed for international students. This intensive program was generated to give interested students an opportunity to discover Lebanon from a wider and deeper prospective.

The USEK International Summer School combines 120 enjoyable hours of interesting courses and social activities which are a gate to the Lebanese culture and the Middle East region.

It is beyond doubt that, over 4 weeks, you will be able to benefit from a unique international experience.

Besides the Lebanese summer season offer exceptional and memorable experiences for visiting tourists. With sun, fun, mountain escapes and cultural festivals, Lebanon’s summer season has something for everyone.


Cultural, Historical and Social Studies
Arab Language
Traditional Music and Dance
Social program: Dinners, excursions, film projections, etc.

A certificate of summer school completion will be awarded to students at the end of the program.

Participation Fees

Tuition fees: 2000 USD per student, including courses, accommodation and activities fees organized during the entire program.

Excluded are ticket, visa and insurance fees or any other personal fees.

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