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May 14, 2014
Signature of the work of Dr. Paul Zgheib

On May 14, 2014, Dr. Paul Zgheib, Dean of the USEK Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts signed his new book entitled: “The Syriac Representational Photography of the Stars as Reconciliation between Beliefs and Selectivity for the Ancients”.

The ceremony was inaugurated by a welcoming speech given by the journalist Maya Khadra who underlined that the book is considered as “an anthem dedicated to the cellar symbols; it carries us to a world full of stars that bespeaks the image of God. Since the sun, the moon and the stars inhabiting the sky are but figurative messages sent by the Creator to the Human Being, the book can be regarded accordingly as a return to the origin of creation and civilizations through a cellar path”.

Abbot Elias Khalife elaborated on the different parts of the book: “In the first part, the author attempts to set a geographical and historical context for the Syriac world wherein the photographical art of the stars originated. While in the second part, Zgheib presents an interpretation of the symbols that he calls “pagan” in the Syriac photography art”.

Prof. Hoda Nehme, Dean of the USEK Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities indicated in her speech that “… this book brilliantly portrays the experimental knowledge that a particular society receives since its beginnings and acknowledges the relational history between life on earth and life above”.

Finally, Dr. Zgheib stressed in his speech that he aimed to tackle two main issues in his book: “… selectivity and reconciliation between beliefs, not only as theoretical means allowing the classification of opposing elements and models, but also as practical means leading to the production of sacred images”.
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