Minor in Computer Engineering


The minor in computer engineering is a program which aims to introduce students to fundamental hardware concepts such as logic design, digital electronics and microprocessors as well as software concepts such as algorithmic, web programming, and database systems. Students will also learn how hardware and software interact, for example in operating systems. With a minor in computer engineering, students will receive preparation for entry into the computer industry and they will become able to apply efficient computing techniques in their primary field of study.

Program Educational Objectives

The computer engineering minor will:
1. Provide an opportunity for students for entry into the computer industry.
2. Prepare students to become more effective at applying computing in their primary field of study.

Program Outcomes

a. An understanding of the computer hardware architecture.
b. An ability to use computer hardware and software to solve engineering problems.
c. An ability to design and implement software modules to meet desired needs.

Minor Requirements

Group I            
GEL311     Logic Design     3
GEL314     Digital Electronics     2
GEL372     Digital Electronics Laboratory     1
GEL445     Microprocessors     3
GIN300     Database Systems     3
GIN321     Algorithmics     3
GIN371     Database Laboratory     1
GIN446     Web Programming     3
Group II            
GIN314     Object Oriented Design     3
GIN321     Algorithmics     3
GIN421     Operating Systems     3
GIN425     Software Engineering Design     3
Electives - Group II            
GIN300     Database Systems     3
GIN371     Database Laboratory     1
GIN400     Advanced Database Systems     3
GIN446     Web Programming     3
GIN450     Advanced Computer Architecture     3
GIN527     Distributed Systems     3
Total           18 or 19
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