Minor in Hotel Management


The mission of the hotel management minor is to prepare students for dynamic and distinguished careers in the hospitality field by providing them with a contemporary educational experience and a unique friendly and ethical culture that strengthens their academic knowledge and practical background while encouraging sustainable and social practices.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will use their acquired knowledge and communication skills in hotel management by adhering to ethical standards and professional work behavior.
2. Students will promote a unique attitude towards excellent food and service quality by recognizing international standards and inspiring trends.
3. Students will be aware of technological advancements and gain some knowledge of entrepreneurship and social responsibility in the hospitality field.

Program Outcomes

a. Apply knowledge of concepts in hotel management and related fields, and demonstrate varied and suitable practical and technical hospitality skills.
b. Demonstrate ability to perform effective analysis and manage real life situations professionally.
c. Possess effective written and oral communication skills and use precise terminology.
d. Examine the ethical and social practices in the hospitality field, and demonstrate awareness of opportunities within entrepreneurship.

Minor Requirements

LCB200     Introduction to Hospitality Management
LCB230     Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen A     3
LCB305     Food and Beverage Management     3
LCB310     Catering and Events Management     3
LCB415     Hospitality Protocol and Etiquette     3
MGT220     Principles of Management     3
Total           18
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