Participating Companies

First National Bank S.A.L. (FNB)

First National Bank S.A.L. (FNB) is among the leading banking institutions operating in Lebanon, classified among the alpha group banks, with a nationwide network of 28 branches and 18 standalone ATM’s covering major areas in Lebanon. The bank’s headquarters is located in the heart of Beirut’s Central District.

Founded in 1994, FNB conducts commercial, retail, finance, and investment banking activities throughout the Middle East by offering a wide range of innovative products and tailor-made banking services.

The acquisition of FNB Capital S.A.L. (previously MECG) in 2008, FNB Finance S.A.L. (previously CFC) in 2010 and CFH Group end of 2014, boosted and enhanced the development of the group’s network and created opportunities worldwide.
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