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Policy for Art Exhibits

As well as organizing exhibitions of its own, USEK Library also offers space for high-quality exhibitions by local, regional and international artists.
This policy defines the conditions and context within which USEK Library provides space for art exhibitions.
The USEK Library Administration is responsible for overseeing all exhibitions, including the approval of content, which should be suitable and appropriate for the general public.

Exhibition Area and Equipment

Exhibitions are hosted in the designated exhibition area of the Library.
Please note that the amount of entries and artwork per artist may be limited based on available space in the exhibition area.

For hanging exhibits: Weight of items must be suitable to hang on drop-down hooks with invisible hanging wire. The weight of each entry must not exceed 20 kilos.
For display exhibits: The Library provides freestanding display cases with transparent sides.

Submissions and Terms

  • The Library Administration retains the right to determine the suitability of any proposed exhibit for display in its premises and has final authority over the management of all public exhibitions on its premises;
  • The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the arrangement of the display;
  • Requests from the external community may be submitted. Selections are based on the quality and appropriateness of the art and availability of space;
  • The deadline for submitting applications will be approximately two (2) months prior to the scheduled exhibition;
  • An application form must be completed with artwork samples and submitted to the Library for consideration;
  • Bookings are based on a first-come-first-serve policy; thus applications will be considered in the order in which they are received;
  • The exhibitor will be notified by email once their request has been approved;
  • Artists should be available at least 1 week before the scheduled exhibition date to discuss the necessary preparations with library staff;
  • Exhibitions shall typically last 1 to 4 months;
  • Artists are encouraged to visit the exhibition space of the Library prior to the installation of their display to ensure the facilities fit the required needs;
  • The Library will cancel the booking if the requestor fails to contact the Library within five (5) working days of receiving the approval notification;
  • Artists should notify the Library promptly in the event of any change or cancellations;
  • Descriptions of artwork displayed in the gallery such as title labels, artist(s) name(s) or a listing of the displayed works should be provided by the artist;
  • Artists are allowed to sell their work and price tags can be displayed on exhibited work - purchased artworks must remain on exhibit until the exhibition has ended;
  • Artists are responsible for sale and collection of monies for their artwork;
  • Exhibits should be mounted two (2) days prior to the scheduled exhibition date and artists must retrieve their work one (1) day after the end of the exhibition;
  • Mounting and dismantling of exhibits should be done during Library working hours;
  • In cases where exhibitors are unable to set up, dismantle, or remove their display material within the agreed timeline, they must inform the Library Administration to agree on a different timeline;
  • The Library cannot provide storage space for artist’s materials;
  • Artists are responsible for repairing damage to the display space - the Library Administration will assess the display area condition before and after the exhibit;
  • If additional assistance is required, the Library Administration will organize additional support;
  • USEK Library reserves the right to delay, reschedule or cancel any exhibition due to an unforeseen situation or need of the Library to block the space.

Security and Insurance

  • The display area is open to the general public during Library open hours;
  • The Library does not provide any special security in its exhibition areas;
  • Each exhibitor understands that the Library and its staff cannot assume responsibility for the loss or damage to works on display.

Filming and Photography

  • The Library reserves the right to document exhibitions and use the photographs or videos for events and activities;
  • A library staff member or USEK appointed individuals may take photographs or recordings within the Library and at library-related events and activities;
  • By submission of artwork, artists grant the Library the right to copy, display or publish their images for the purpose of promotional material to advertise exhibitions and their artists, as well as subsequently including the event on the Library website and USEK social networks.

Promotion of Exhibitions

  • The Library will promote exhibitions via the Library website, the University website and plasma screens, as well as posters and flyers;
  • Permission to photograph and reproduce any artwork approved for exhibition for publicity purposes is considered granted to the Library;
  • Approved artists are encouraged to submit a one-paragraph biography to be included in a brochure for guests to browse during the exhibition;
  • Brochures and flyers are designed and printed by USEK after the artist’s approval;
  • If requested by the artist, invitation cards may also be designed and printed by USEK. However, the artist is responsible for their distribution.

Donations of Art and Annual Displays

  • Works of art may be donated to the USEK Library;
  • Donated art becomes the property of USEK Library, which has the authority to decide on the classification, location and retention of items;
  • The Library organizes an annual exhibition featuring gifts made to the Library;
  • The “Gifts to the USEK Library” exhibition includes rare books, manuscripts, photographs, illustrations, letters, diaries, and paintings, and other material;
  • The donors will be acknowledged and their contribution displayed.

Food and Beverages

  • Food and beverages are prohibited in exhibition areas;
  • Upon the artist’s request, a cocktail may be provided through campus dining services for a fee; reservations are made through the Library.

For further information, please contact the Library Administration
By phone: +961 9 600384
By email:
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