Latin American Collection

Founded in 2012, the Latin American Collection (CAL) of the USEK Library is linked to the Latin American Studies and Cultures Center (CECAL-USEK). This collection includes books, journals, newspapers, theses and dissertations from various Latin American countries. It also covers all fields of knowledge: history, culture, arts, geography, politics, economics, law, philosophy, psychology, sociology, humanities and social sciences, anthropology, literature, religion, language, migration...

The Latin American Collection mainly consists of works in Spanish and Portuguese languages, but also in Arabic, French, English, Native American and others.

The collection is enriched by many significant donations from embassies and consulates of Latin America in Lebanon, Latin American universities, publishers, authors, in addition to acquisitions and exchanges carried out on the initiative of the USEK Library.

The CAL is for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in acquiring the necessary tools to understand Latin America.

The Latin American Room is located in the USEK Library at the Main Campus.