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In the spirit of collaborative development, open communication and collegiality, USEK Library strives to fulfill its mission to “expand its network through national and international initiatives and partnerships”. For this reason, we have connected with the following libraries, services and databases to create a comprehensive resource network for USEK Library users.


e-corpus is a collective digital and heritage library founded in 2009. Updated regularly, it classifies and provides multiple types of documents: manuscripts, archives, books, newspapers, prints, sound recordings, videos...
The World Digital Library provides free extensive documentation in several languages from countries and cultures around the world on the Internet.
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library is a leading cultural preservation organization with the mission to identify, digitally photograph, catalog, and archive to make available the contents of endangered manuscripts belonging to threatened communities.
I-Revues is a service offered to publishers in any scientific field for the electronic dissemination of journals, scientific conferences and book services, with a catalog containing approximately forty publications and more than 20,000 documents.
e-ktobe is a database for Syriac manuscripts which gathers information about texts and their physical nature (materials, composition notebooks, binder, writing, etc.), colophons and notes of Syriac manuscripts.


In January 2002, the libraries of four private academic institutions established the Lebanese Academic Library Consortium (LALC), the first library consortium in Lebanon.
LALC’s mission is “to cooperate in the selection, pricing negotiations and access methods of electronic resources” for the best interests of the Universities and their library users.
LIDS consortium was established in October 2007, when a formal LOA was signed between LIDS members in which the parties agreed to establish a consortium under the name of "Lebanese ILL/DD Services – LIDS”.
“The main objective of LIDS members shall be to use their best endeavors to implement ILL/DDS, the process by which the request or supply of books or copies of articles are managed between libraries.
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