Library Rules

The University Library strives to provide its users with fair and equitable access to library materials, resources, and services in an environment that is pleasant and conducive to study and research, and it is staffed by individuals who strive to respond to service requests with courtesy and respect.

To ensure this surrounding is maintained, the following Library Rules have been formulated:

1. You are expected to help keep the Library clean and tidy by using the appropriate bins and recycling facilities.
2. You are expected to behave in a courteous and considerate manner towards other users and Library staff and comply with any instructions issued by them.
3. You may be requested to submit all bags and folders to be inspected by Library staff.
4. The Library has a security barrier. Activation of the alarm may result in a search of bags and a possible disciplinary action.
5. You are allowed to bring in bottled water with a closed top, but not other liquids which may cause damage to materials. Food and eating are not permitted in the University Library.
6. You are not allowed to smoke in the Library according to the University no-smoking policy on Campus.
7. You are expected to keep talking to a minimum, particularly in the study areas; talking is strictly restricted in reading areas.
8. Mobile phones in the Library must be either switched off, or put on silent mode in study and reading areas.
9. You are not permitted to reserve seats in public reading areas; items on reserved seats may be removed by Library staff.
10. You will need your USEK ID card in order to borrow Library items.
11. You are not permitted to lend your card to other people or to borrow books on their behalf.
12. You must carry your USEK ID card while in the Library and show it when requested by any member of staff.
13. You are responsible for borrowed materials until such time as the items are returned to the Library, and you will be charged for any loss or damage, however caused.
14. You will be fined for overdue loans. Details of fine rates and borrowing conditions are available on the website and in the Library. Other penalties may be imposed for the late return of Library loaned material.
15. Students with any outstanding debts will have their access to all University facilities, services and benefits suspended.
16. You are not allowed to deface, mutilate or destroy Library materials; in addition to any penalty that may be imposed for such conduct, you will be liable to pay for the full cost of repair or replacement of damaged materials.
17. You are expected to comply with the copyright regulations. Please read notices posted on the library webpage and next to photocopiers in the Library.
18. Articles left in the Library at closing time will be cleared away.
19. Any item left behind in the Library is sent to lost property section in the Office of Student Affairs. The University accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left in the building.
20. You are not permitted to deface or damage Library furnishings, fittings and equipment; actions that are liable to cause damage – e.g. placing feet on furniture – are not permitted.
21. Graduating students must return all outstanding items and clear all outstanding debts by advertised deadlines; otherwise they will be suspended from graduating.

The Rights of Library Staff
Library staff members will endeavor to treat all users with fairness, equity, courtesy, and respect. It is expected that users will reciprocate in kind.

Library staff reserve the right to carry out any of the following actions if there are serious offences and repeated violations of the Library rules:
  • Ask the perpetrator to stop their disruptive behavior.
  • Ask the perpetrator to leave the Library premises if he/she is unwilling to comply with verbal warnings.
  • Ask the perpetrator to produce identification.
  • Call the University Security if a library user is resisting staff instructions to abide by the Library rules or is refusing to leave the premises.
  • Bill the library user for lost, missing, mutilated, defaced items, including a processing fee.
  • Revoke library privileges in cases of serious offenses and violations.

Thank you for your co-operation in observing the Library guidelines.