ILL/DDS Policy

1- ILL/DDS Service
ILL/DDS is a service that allows USEK users to obtain books, e-book chapters, journal articles, theses and dissertations, conference papers not available at USEK Library. It cannot be used for private employers, for personal non-university research, or for recreational reading.

2- Eligibility
The ILL/DDS service is available to all Faculty, staff and enrolled students.
USEK Library has the right to reject any ILL/DDS request if necessary.

3- Number of Requests Category
Category  Items per academic year 
Undergraduate Students   5
Graduate Students   15
 Staff  10
 Full-Time Faculty  20
 Part-Time Faculty  10

4- Charges
The ILL/DDS service is free of charge, provided the user does not exceed the limit set in the number of requests per category.
Overdue items will be charged 5,000 LL per item per day; any additional charges imposed by the lending library must also be paid by the library user.
Clearances will not be approved to library users until all charges are paid.

5- Document Request
Before submitting an ILL/DDS request, the user should make sure to check the Library Catalog and Library databases for availability.
If the requested item is not available within the library collections, users can log in with USEK credentials and complete the ILL/DDS request form .

The average time required to obtain materials from lending libraries is fifteen working days depending upon the availability of the item(s) requested.

6- Eligible/Ineligible Materials
Type of materials Available for borrowing Not available for borrowing 
Books X  
Reference materials  X
Copy of chapters from reference materials  X  
Articles X  
Entire journal issue  X 
Bound periodicals    X
Newspapers     X
Copy of articles from newspapers  X  
Thesis & Dissertations    X
Special collections    X
Manuscripts     X
Audiovisual materials    X

7- Pick Up and Duration of Loans
You will receive an email notification at your USEK email address when the items arrive. Items can be picked up from the Circulation Desk. Photocopies of articles become the property of the library user. Books must be checked out with a valid USEK ID and should always be returned by the due date on the ILL book slip. Returning books late jeopardizes our relationship with other lending institutions.
Interlibrary Loan materials can be recalled at any time by the lending library. Recalled items must be returned to the library Circulation Desk within one working day of the recall notification, otherwise overdue charges will be applied accordingly.

8- Renewals and Return of Materials
We will try to renew your ILL book upon request; however, we cannot guarantee that your renewal request will go through as some libraries do not allow renewals of ILL books.
If you would like to renew an ILL book you must notify us one week prior to the due date on your book.
Loaned item(s) must be returned to the Circulation Desk by the indicated due date.

9- Late Return and Loss of Interlibrary Loan Materials
If books are kept beyond the due date, borrowing privileges will be suspended until the overdue items are returned. Longer suspensions of privileges may be applied if borrowers are consistently late in returning materials.
Borrowers will be charged for lost or damaged items according to the lending library’s borrowing policy.

10- Copyright information
The Document Delivery Service (DDS) is compliant with the copyright law of Lebanon (Resolution no. 75, published April 3, 1999) and all applicable international copyright laws.

11- Contact information
For more information contact:
Ms. Elham Abdallah, Serials & External Relations
Tel.: +961 9 600 381