USEK Continuing Learning Center (UCLC)


UCLC’s goals, aside from being a reference center for high-quality learning and unique everyday interests, focus on helping learners in every possible aspect. They are:
  • Goal 1: Developing learners’ capabilities to converse in foreign languages fluently by providing various levels for language strengthening, from beginner to conversational.
  • Goal 2: Developing learners’ capabilities to communicate correctly in foreign languages by using a variety of printed materials and audio/audiovisual devices.
  • Goal 3: Enhancing learners’ cultural awareness in relation to current cultural activities (e.g. painting, music, theater, photography, history, cinema, etc.)
  • Goal 4: Educating learners to utilize arts to encourage a better understanding of the cultural diversity of the world.
  • Goal 5: Promoting programs that respond to public needs (tailor-made sessions).
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