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What is Networking?

It’s building, creating and nurturing professional connections and relationships. It enables you to learn about different industries, careers, organizations and at times, job opportunities. It is not simply acquiring business cards and adding names to your “LinkedIn” account – it is taking the time to get to know people in the areas in which you are interested and staying in touch with them throughout your career.

Why Network?

Networking is considered today the most effective way of finding a job – particularly in challenging economic times. Through networking you can uncover job opportunities that might not yet – or never - be posted on job-sites or create an opportunity that did not previously exist.

How Do You Network?

  • Clarify your interests and skills so that you can articulate who you are and why you are contacting this person. Is it to find out about the industry in which this person works? About the organization at which this person works? About the specific job this person has? About the city or town in which this person works?
  • Identify organizations and companies that are of interest to you.
  • Look for individuals who work at these organizations and companies to contact. You may know people through your own network – i.e. friends, family, colleagues, former colleagues, former professors, classmates, etc. Or, you may need to do more research to identify people to contact. Use the USEK Career Network, an online networking database, to see if there are USEK alumni working at your target organizations.
  • Make contact. Send a brief email introducing yourself and requesting a time to talk (either over the phone or in-person). After you’ve set up a convenient time to talk, prepare some questions that you’d like to be answered by this individual.
  • Speak with networking contact – either over the phone or in person. Ask questions relevant to the information you want to find out, (i.e. How did you find your job, what do you like most about it? What advice do you have for someone looking to get into the field? etc.). Listen carefully to the answers and take notes. If you chat over the phone, be sure that you call from a place where you won’t be interrupted and where you’ll be able to hear the person on the other line. At the end of your conversation, ask if there are others who they might suggest you talk with (and try to get a phone number or email address).
  • Thank them. Be sure to send a thank-you email to everyone you meet with – even if it’s someone you already know [link to correspondence]. Let them know that you appreciate their suggestions and plan to take action on them. And then be sure to keep your contacts informed as you follow up on their advice.
  • Stay in touch. Keep in contact with those you’ve met. If you come across an appropriate article – email it. Send a holiday card. Don’t let the contact get stale, as you never know when you might next need to call on those in your network. Remember: A strong network is a key to a successful career.
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