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Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
Name USEK Email Position
 Rev. Fr.  Abdallah Badaoui  abdallahbadawi@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Rev. Fr.  Abdo Badwi  abdobadwi@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. May Farhat  mayfarhat@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Prof. Antoine Fichfich  antoinefichfich@usek.edu.lb  Professor
 Mr. Antoine Younan  antoineyounan@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Béchara Mouannes  becharamouanes@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Charles Bteiche  charlesbtaich@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Eliane Noujaim Moughabghab  elianemoughabghab@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Elias Tohme  eliastohme@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Mr. Jean-Claude Bassil  jeanclaudebassil@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Joseph Chemaly  josefchemaly@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. Joseph Nasr  josephnasr@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Mr. Joseph Zaarour  josephzaarour@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Maroun Kosseifi  marounkosseifi@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Odile El Khoury  odilekhoury@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Dr. Paul Abi Khattar Zgheib  paulzgheib@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Mr. Robert Karam  robertkaram@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Zafer Sleiman  zafersleiman@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Dr. Victor Takchi  victortakchi@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. Michel Chalhoub  michelchalhoub@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Mr. Richard Khalil  richartkhalil@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Dr. Fr. Youssef Matta  youssefmatta@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Mirella Fahed  mirellafahed@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Nagi Ghostine  nagighostine@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
School of Law and Political Science
Name USEK Email Position
 Dr. Ghada Karam  ghadakaram@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. Haitham Sakr  haithamsakr@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Rev. Fr. Talal Hachem  talalhachem@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Rev. Fr. Wissam Khoury  wissamkhoury@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Dr. Celine Baaklini Ziadé  celinebaaklini@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Liliane El Kazzi  lilianekazzi@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mrs. Reine Daou  reinedaou@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Nicolas Badaoui  nicolasbadaoui@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Dr. Bechara Karam  becharakaram@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Dr. Eric Savaux  ericsavaux@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. Sean Mills  seanmills@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Liliane El Kazzi  lilianekazzi@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
USEK Business School (UBS)
Name USEK Email Position
Mr. André Eid andreeid@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr.  Georges Azzi georgesazzi@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Badih Baz badihbaz@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Charbel El Khoury charbelmelkhoury@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Charbel Salloum charbelsalloum@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Mr. Charles Assouad charlesassouad@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Pr. Élie Assaf elieassaf@usek.edu.lb Professor
Mrs. Fleur Clara Khalil fleurkhalil@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Mr. Georges Jalkh georgesjalkh@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Pr. Georges Yahchouchi georgesyahchouchi@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Hajer Jarrar Cheikh Ali hagerjarrar@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Joseph Azzi josephazzi@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Lindos Daou lindosdaou@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Madonna Salameh Ayanian madonnasalameh@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Mario Sassine mariosassine@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Michel Karam michelkaram@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Nada Sarkis nadasarkis@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Pr. Nehmé Azoury nehmeazoury@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Sélim Osman selimosman@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Mr. Tarek Azzi tarekazzi@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Charlotte Habib tinahabib@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Zeina Zeidan Maalouli zeinazeidan@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Mrs. Ina Aurelia Issa inaissa@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Lea El Yahchouchi leayahchouchi@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Danièle Khalifé daniellekhalife@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Antoine Habchi antoinehabchi@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Elie Bouri eliebouri@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Mrs. Ruba Younes Mhanna rubayounesmhanna@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Mr. Ralph Khairallah ralphkhairallah@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Pascale Lahoud Abou Jaoude pascaleaboujaoudeh@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Tarek Azzi tarekazzi@usek.edu.lb Assistant professor
Mr. Elie Harb elieharb@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Faculty of Engineering
Name USEK Email Position
Dr. Adib Akl adibakl@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Barbar Zeghondy barbarzeghondy@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Charles Yaacoub charlesyaacoub@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Joseph Zalaket josephzalaket@usek.edu.lb Professor
Mr. Pascal Damien pascaldamien@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Sandy Rihana sandyrihana@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Eng. Tilda Karkour Akiki tildaakiki@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Eng. Bechara Nehme becharanehme@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Eng. Maria-Rita Hojeij marieritahojeij@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Eng. Elie Otayek elieotayek@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Jad Jelwan jadjelwan@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Nancy Zgheib Tabet nancyzgheib@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Nemr El Hajj nemrelhajj@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Joseph El Assad josephalassad@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Mrs. Christine Abdel Nour christineabdelnour@usek.edu.lb Assistant
Mr. Samer Wakim samerwakim@usek.edu.lb Assistant
Mr. Elie Abou Hamad elieabouhamad@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Faculty of Letters
Name USEK Email Position 
Dr. Christelle Stephan Hayek christellestephan@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Joseph Chraim josephchraim@usek.edu.lb Professor
Miss Léa El Yahchouchi leayahchouchi@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Prof. Mireille Issa mireilleissa@usek.edu.lb Professor
Prof. Nicole Saliba Chalhoub nicolechalhoub@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Ranya Salamé ranyasalameh@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Rima Mattar Mazraani rimamattar@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Rosie Khoury Ghannage rosieghannage@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Samar El Hage samarelhage@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Talal Wehbé talalwehbe@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Pamela Layoun pamelalayoun@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Randa Saliba Chidiac randasaliba@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Rabih Nabhan rabihnabhan@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Rita Khalil Khoury ritakhalil@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Mrs. Daisy Waked Azar daisywaked@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Rita Khater ritakhater@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Mrs. Julnar Deaibess Malek julnardeaibessmalek@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
School of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Name USEK Email Position
Dr. Ameed Samaha ameedsamaha@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Alexandre Schakal alexandreschakal@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Prof. Alex Jalkh alexjalkh@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Amal Bassile amalbassile@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Amale Sukkarieh Chelala amalchelala@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Antoine Abdel Jalil antoineabdeljalil@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Antoine Kossaify antoinekossaify@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Antoine Kassis antoinekassis@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Christian Haddad christianalhaddad@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Élias Khoury Eliaskhoury@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Élias Makhoul eliasmakhoul@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Élissar Dagher Nohra elissarnohra@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Émile Andari emileandari@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Fadi Hoyek fadihoyek@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Fady Nasr fadynasr@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Georges Abi Aad georgesabiaad@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Georges Abi Fares georgesabifares@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Georges Merheb georgesmerheb@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Georges Nicolas georgesnicolas@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Prof. Georges Nohra georgesnohra@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Hamid El Bayeh hamidbayeh@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Hanna Mattar hannamattar@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Issa Issa issaissa@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Issam Maalouf issammaalouf@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Jean-Claude Lahoud jeanclaudelahoud@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Kamal Kallab kamalkallab@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Madona Matar Lahoud madonnamatar@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Marcel Massoud marcelmassoud@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Marie-Claude Fadous Khalifé marieclaudefadous@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Maroun Khattar marounkhattar@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Melhem Samara  melhemsamara@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Myriam Al Amm myriamamm@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Nabil Tawil nabiltawil@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Neemtallah Basile  nehmetallahbasile@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Norma Ghosn Hakim normaabighosn@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Patrick Zaarour patrickzaarour@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Peter Noun peternoun@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Philip Rouadi  philiprouadi@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Pierre Khoury Eddé pierreedde@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Raghid El Khoury  raghidelkhoury@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Saadé Abboud saadeabboud@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Saad Khairallah  saadkhairallah@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Samir Tarraf samirtarraf@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Seba Mhanna sebamhanna@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Souhail Chamandi  souhailchamandi@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Wadih Ghanameh  wadihghanameh@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Walid El Khoury walidelkhoury@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Walid Harb walidharbmd@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Walid Hleihel walidhleihel@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Zaki Ghorayeb zakighorayeb@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Ziad El Khoury ziadelkhoury@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Alexandre Kharma alexandrekharma@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Paul Khoueiry paulkhoueiry@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Georges Azar georgesazar@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Juliana Menassa Saabi julianamenassa@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Monique Tabet moniquetabet@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Charbel Yazbek charbelyazbeck@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Edouard Chaiban Elias edouardchaibanelias@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Rabih Hallit rabihhallit@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Elie Chelala eliechelala@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
M. Marcel Moukarzel marcelmoukarzel@usek.edu.lb Chargé d’Enseignement
Faculty of Music
Name USEK Email Position
Rev. Fr.  Badih El Hage badihelhajj@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Edward Yerwant Torokian edouardtorokian@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Youssef Abi Raad josephabiraad@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr.  Youssef Tannous yousseftannous@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Kifah Fakhouri kifahfakhouri@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
 Dr. Lena Saade Gebran lenasaade@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr. Antoine Al Tahan antoinealtahan@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities
Name USEK Email Position
Rev. Fr. Georges Hobeika georgeshobeika@usek.edu.lb Professor
Prof. Hoda Matar Nehmé hodanehme@usek.edu.lb Professor
Rev. Fr. Jean (Roland) Akiki jeanakiki@usek.edu.lb Professor
Rev. Fr. Jean Reaidy jeanreaidy@usek.edu.lb Professor
Prof. Marie Fayad mariefayad@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Mirna Abboud Mzaouak mirnamzawak@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Nadine Zalaket nadinezalaket@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Randa Abi Aad randaabiaad@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Karine Nasr Demerjian carinenasr@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr. Farid Moujabber faridelmoujabber@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Eva Hashem evahashem@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences
Name USEK Email Position
Dr. Charbel Fares charbelfares@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Eng. Élie Al Ahmar eliealahmar@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Faten El Hage fatenelhage@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Joseph Saab josephsaab@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Mohammad Kacim mohamadkacim@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Naim Ouaïni naimouaini@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Nathalie Estephan nathalieestephan@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Rola Zaydan Mehard rolazaydan@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Walid Harb walidharb@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Bachir Habib bachirhabib@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Mrs. Nathalie Bouldoukian nathaliebouldoukian@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Rana Elias ranaelias@hotmail.com Assistant Professor
Dr. Maya Hobeika Kahwagi mayahobeika@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Roni Abou Khalil roniaboukhalil@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Name USEK Email Position
Dr. Désirée El Azzi desireeelazzi@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr. Joseph Wakim josephwakim@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Lara Hanna Wakim larahanna@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Marc El Beyrouthy marcelbeyrouthy@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Nabil Nemer nabilnemer@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Alain Abi Rizk alainabirizk@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Dr. Youssef Rayess youssefrayess@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Samar Azzi Achkouty samarazzi@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Carole Daoud Zouein caroledaoud@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Emilio Mouannes emiliomouannes@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Marc Bou Zeidan marcmbouzeidan@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Dr. Yonna Sacre yonnasacre@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Mrs. Rita Daccache Abi Assaad ritadaccache@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Afif Abdel Nour afifabdelnour@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Faculty of Religious and Oriental Sciences
Name USEK Email Position
Rev. Fr. Ziad Sacre ziadsacre@usek.edu.lb   Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Augustin Mouhanna augustinmouhanna@usek.edu.lb   Professor
Pontifical Faculty of Theology
Name  USEK Email Position
Rev. Fr. Antoine Al Ahmar antoinealahmar@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Antoine Jabbour Mikhael antoinemikhael@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Ayoub Chahwan ayoubchahwan@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Charbel Chléla charbelchlala@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Élias Hanna eliashanna@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Gaby Hachem gabyhachem@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Prof. Fr. Hady Mahfouz hadymahfouz@usek.edu.lb Professor
Rev. Fr. Jean Azzam jeanazzam@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Marwan Azar marwanazar@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Michel Abou Tacca michelaboutacca@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr. Wahib Khawaja wahibkhawaja@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr. Toni Eid tonieid@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr. Elias Ghattas Jamhoury eliasjamhoury@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Sister Dolly Chaaya dollychaaya@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Institute of History
Name USEK Email Position 
Rev. Fr.  Jean Maroun (Assaad) Maghames jeanmarounmaghames@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr.  Joseph Moukarzel josephmoukarzel@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Rev. Fr.  Karam Rizk karamrizk@usek.edu.lb Professor
Dr. Linda Rizk Saber lindasaber@usek.edu.lb Assistant Professor
Rev. Fr.  Elias Hanna eliashanna@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Mr. Attilio De Gasperis attiliodegasperis@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Higher Institute of Nursing Sciences
Name USEK Email Position
Mr. Charbel El Houwayek charbelhouwayek@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Higher Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences
Name USEK Email Position
Dr. Francisco Barroso Cortes franciscobarroso@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Mr. Nicolas Badaoui nicolasbadaoui@usek.edu.lb Lecturer
Dr. Nassif Hitti nassifhitti@usek.edu.lb Associate Professor
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
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