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Richardos Lebbos

From USEK Labs to the World

My name is Richardos Lebbos, and I hold a Master of Science in Applied Biochemistry and Biochemical Investigations. Creating my startup while still a student was coupled with the serious challenges of juggling educational duties and financial stresses. While my biggest focus was on succeeding in creating a “novel coating technology that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by 2x and more”, the greatest struggle was to maintain the effort invested in studying, as the time available to deliver academic results was reduced to the bare minimum. My total dedication, the prioritization of goals and targets, the readiness to always celebrate small achievements, and my tremendous faith in God and myself were the key drivers of my success.

The lessons learned from my journey are many: I learned to dream big, to give everything my full potential, never to quit, to accept failures, to do everything I can, and to deliver on time. While focusing on micromanagement, I also learned to keep sight of my larger goals, to surround myself with successful people, and not to forget that God is always right here next to me.

“Being a researcher is not a title, it’s a lifestyle”.
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