Mr. Ahmed Nawara

CEO of Al-Manar Group, Ahmed Nawara ventured into business growth, rendering Al-Manar’s regional expansions in Egypt and North Africa with diversified products and global alliances and representations.

A graduate of the American University in Cairo School of Business and holder of an Executive Master’s degree in the same discipline, Nawara capitalized on his knowledge to grow the group in terms of products, brands, and services and above all to create a flexible operating model that acts as the real differentiator in the industry.

Nawara, along with a savvy hand-picked team, was able to create a line of locally manufactured products abiding by international quality and efficiency standards, maximizing further growth in local and export markets.

Under his management, Al-Manar won contracts from global players, like Honeywell, in regional countries, spearheading unprecedented growth and leading the North African markets
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