Dr. Fouad Zmokhol

In addition to being President of RDCL World and Chief Executive Officer of Zimco Group, and to his multiple activities as speaker, author, and professor, Dr. Fouad Zmokhol is – first and foremost – an entrepreneur who inspires many people thanks to his savvy business sense, impeccable ethics, and sharp leadership skills. As Managing Director and Co-owner of Zimco, a holding group that combines a printing company, an advertising agency, and a leather factory, he leads a large team of experts, driving innovation and ensuring a high level of performance and quality client service. He also serves as the CEO of SAPDIB (Africa), a food and beverage company.

After six years at the helm of the Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), he was elected in 2017 President of the Association of Lebanese Business People in the World - Rassemblement de Dirigeants et Chefs d’Entreprises Libanais au Monde (RDCL World). In this capacity, he visited many cities, championing collaboration, networking, and synergy between Lebanese business people at home and in the diaspora. Dr. Zmokhol is known for his diplomatic skills and outstanding ability to build bridges and fruitful alliances.

A professor of managerial strategies and entrepreneurship at the Saint Joseph University (USJ) and the Lebanese American University (LAU), he believes in sharing expertise and building the next generation. Always eager to share knowledge, he has coached and mentored many young entrepreneurs, inspiring them to sharpen their skills and invest locally. A true patriot, Dr. Zmokhol is an advocate of leading by example. As an ethical, driven, and passionate leader, he works hard to help maintain a healthy Lebanese business environment, encouraging local and foreign investments while creating a collaborative and constructive environment in several business sectors.

A sought-after keynote speaker before national and international bodies, such as the French Senate, the Euro-Mediterranean think tank IPEMED, the World Bank, IFC, IMF, ESCWA, OECD, AUF, and several universities and chambers of commerce in the world, Dr. Zmokhol is known to always leave the audience thirsty for more. Lecturing on economical, geopolitical, and business issues, his conferences shed light on several current events in the Middle East and the MENA region.

Dr. Zmokhol holds a Bachelor of Science in Management/Economics, a Master of Business Administration and a Doctorate in Business Administration. A published author of various articles and research papers on corporate governance, business ethics, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, micro and macroeconomics, among others. He is often mentioned in the media for his innovative business approach. As a strategic advisor, Dr. Zmokhol sits on the boards of several prominent local private institutions and international organizations. He has received many national and international awards; he is a previous tennis champion, an avid runner, skier, and hiker.
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