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Online Certificate in Geopolitics of Lebanon and the Middle East




The Online Course on Geopolitics of Lebanon and the Middle East gives you the ability to:
• Continue to build your career in the right direction.
• Boost your career and academic experience by incorporating new techniques in a perpetually regenerating field
• Study and work at the same time
• Develop your skills in negotiation, decision-making and consulting
• Expand your knowledge on the Middle East.
Objectives and Outcomes
At the end of this course, students will have acquired:
1. Knowledge of the various definitions of Geostrategic and Geopolitics and their implications in the field of International Relations.
2. An understanding of the linkages among International Relations, Political Science, National Security policies, History, Political and Economic Geography, Geopolitics and Geostrategic.
3. Familiarity with theories of the state as a geographical and political unit, such as Geopolitics. Knowledge of Geostrategic/Geopolitical theories of land (Mackinder), sea (Mahan), air (de Seversky), etc. and their contemporary applications; in addition to emerging geostrategic theories involving the globalization of issue areas such as democratization, environment, and international political economy.
4. An understanding of the elements and nature of power, power analysis, and power projection in the world of politics, to include not only the traditional nation-state as actor, but also contemporary non-state phenomena such as multinational corporations and the environment as geostrategic factors.
5. An understanding of the geopolitical dynamics registered in the Middle East region and the geopolitical behavior of the regional and external potencies and great powers.
6. Awareness of the geostrategic implications related to contemporary international relations issues (outer space, globalization, international terrorism, etc.).
7. Capability of reading, understanding, and analyzing articles of varying complexity on Geopolitical topics.
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