Grant by LED to USEK

The Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED)* has recently awarded a grant to USEK to support the University in developing a study to identify and share how the LED project has impacted the private sector during the past years of implementation.

In order to assess its impact over the past few years on more than 400 enterprises in Lebanon regarding improved competitiveness, readiness for investment, crisis “survival”, etc., LED is partnering with the USEK Business School to carry out a study to measure the impact of LED on the Lebanese SMEs that benefited from the program in terms of technical assistance and consultancy support.

*The Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) is a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that aims to sustain and increase jobs for Lebanese citizens. LED offers customized technical assistance to local businesses to help them identify and solve the problems that are preventing them from increasing sales, and therefore from needing to hire more Lebanese. LED also works with stakeholders and partners to identify, analyze, and propose solutions to problems that are affecting the business enabling environment. Small, medium, or large Lebanese registered businesses in any sector can apply for LED assistance.
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