HCR Administrative Research Units (RU)

The following 7 research units operate within the Higher Center for Research (HCR), each producing remarkable research output to boost the University’s arbitrated scientific credit on the global level.

Research Unit 01 (RU 01)
Priorities | Health, Sciences, and Technologies

This unit empowers clinicians, scientists, and engineers with the right skills, knowledge, and tools to harness the combined power of science, engineering, and medicine to translate research findings into clinical practice, as well as into medical devices to treat, diagnose, and prevent diseases and to improve human health.

Research Unit 02 (RU 02)
Priorities |Patrimony and Identity: Education, Heritage, and Memory
Diversity, Theology, and Ethics

This unit empowers researchers and professionals with the right skills to reveal the importance of heritage and memory in dynamically changing communities and to forge a shared understanding of heritage conservation and management, especially in a globalized context. Its work highlights all the research findings pertaining to cultural identity and diversity from an aesthetic, literary, historical, scientific, spiritual, psychological, and social approach.

Research Unit 03 (RU 03)
Priorities | Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Dynamic Data Analysis

Advancement of Information and Communication Technologies
This unit empowers scientists and engineers with the right skills to keep up with the rapid development of modern technologies in the digital information era. In addition to following up on local market developments in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) and relevant concentration areas, it undertakes probing scientific research in the field of ICTs, computer science, and related topics, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and big data.

Research Unit 04 (RU 04)
Priorities | Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship

This interdisciplinary unit aims to develop the skills needed to investigate sustainability and increase livelihoods within the local community. Particular attention is paid to regional environmental challenges with critical facets encompassing water quality and quantity, clean energy solutions, and eco-friendly agricultural practices, among others. As we recognize that sustainable solutions are often intertwined with entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurship is woven into the fabric of this unit’s mission. The objective is to empower individuals and communities with the expertise to develop and implement sustainable strategies that not only preserve the environment, but also create economic value. Research, education, and hands-on training are our tools to bridge the gap between sustainable development and entrepreneurship, enabling individuals to seize environmentally conscious business opportunities.

Research Unit 05 (RU 05)
Priorities | Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design

This unit empowers scientists and engineers specializing in research and practical fields in architecture, urban planning, and design. The research themes are driven by the conviction of the need to promote humane and sustainable forms of urban development, understand rapid urbanization, and encourage innovative policies, design, planning, and management in response to the economic, social, and environmental development of cities and regions.

Research Unit 06 (RU 06)
Priorities | Law, Policies, and Security

This unit empowers scholars and scientists working on groundbreaking research on the vital legal, policy, and strategic questions that will shape human security for years to come. From geopolitical developments to rapid technological advances and the latest legal and judicial conundrums on national and regional levels, this unit encompasses all private and public dimensions of the law, encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation, focusing on human/ethical approaches and political sciences, and covering a wide array of policy and security concerns, such as national and regional security in a shifting geopolitical context.

Research Unit 07 (RU 07)
Priorities |Business Sustainability and Social Impact

This unit is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the intersection between business practices, sustainability, and social impact. Its primary objective is to conduct cutting-edge research that addresses the complex challenges faced by organizations in the pursuit of sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with industry partners, it aims to provide evidence-based insights and practical solutions to promote sustainable development, ethical decision-making, and positive social change by focusing on the integration of environmental, social, and governance considerations into business strategies.
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