Current Projects

  • Joseph Al Assad

    Study of a Hybrid Power Station for Lighting
  • Christian Al Haddad

    Thrombotic Microangiopathy: the Lebanese Experience
  • Faten El Hage

    The Effect of Smoking on the Orientation of the Immune Response among Healthy Heavy Smokers and those Suffering from Lung Cancer
  • Walid Hleihel

    Research on the Genetic Susceptibility to Autism and the Identification of Pre-during and Postnatal Risk within Lebanese Society
  • Sandy Rihana

    Design of a Neural Prosthesis Using Brain Computer Interface
  • Marie-Therese Saliba

    Design and Production of Computer Assisted Experiments for Educational Purposes
  • Rola Zaydan

    Monitoring the Evolution of Tributyltin and Risk Assessment of Environmental Contamination
  • Barbar Zeghondy

    Energy Performance of Buildings: Diagnosis and Energy Audit
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