Norma Zakaria

PhD in French Literature – Specialization: French Didactics – The Lebanese University

Current Position:
  • Head of the Department of Education Science – Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (USEK).
  • Head of the Doctoral Committee – Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (USEK).
  • Director of the REFA Laboratory (Recherches en Éducation pour la Formation et les Apprentissages) – Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (USEK.)
  • Coordinator of the magazine Apprentissage et Formation published by the REFA Laboratory - Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (USEK).
  • Member of the CIVIIC Laboratory at the Université de Rouen.
  • Member of the Association of Research and Practices in Professional Didactics – Paris/Dijon.

Fields of Expertise:
Different aspects specific to teaching (especially teaching the French language) to trainee teachers; the methodology of teaching and the cultural and educational changes currently influencing the world of education.


  • Intervention d’aide auprès des élèves en difficulté
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