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Ph.D. in Business



The Ph.D. program in business administration prepares students with sufficient analytical skills for careers in teaching and research. It provides students with an engaging and stimulating research experience in business administration.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates will:
1. Master a specific set of methods appropriate to their thesis, with the depth needed to produce rigorous researches in business administration;
2. Demonstrate effective and ethical research skills in business administration;
3. Generate studies and...
researches in business administration.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates should be able to:
a. Analyze and interpret scientific contributions and research activities in business administration;
b. Identify several theories in business administration;
c. Apply quantitative and qualitative tools in order to analyze and test defined hypotheses;
d. Show integrity, fairness and ethical behavior to support and advance the development of a moral research community in business administration.
e. Conduct and publish scientific manuscripts in business administration.
60 credits
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