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Lebanon’s Mediterranean climate is characterized by hot, humid summers and short, cool, rainy winters. Despite its small surface area, the country offers a rich variety of coastal planes, steep rocky mountains, and inner dry plateaus. The weather might still be bordering on cold around the workshop date in March: long-sleeved shirts and jackets are therefore advisory. Compared to other Arab countries, Lebanon is known for its openness in terms of dress code.


Lebanon is a multilingual country with Arabic as the official language; English and French are also widely spoken.


The local currency is the Lebanese Pound (LBP). Its current exchange rate is around 1,500 LBP to $1. US dollars are universally accepted on the local market.


Lebanon’s public transportation network is partly built on a hail-and-ride bus system operating on common routes, albeit without any reliable bus map or timetable. Fees usually range between 1,000 LBP and 7,000 LBP.
Shared cabs, known as “service” taxis, are also available and usually charge 2,000 LBP for short distance rides.
Private taxi companies are widely available.
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