Mr. Galal Mahmoud

Driven by his deep belief in the power of design and architecture and their effect on the well-being of individuals, Galal Mahmoud took his first steps in the world of professional architecture in 1987 in Paris, the capital city that blends character with style and stands for a symbol of both old and contemporary art. He later broadened his horizon and teamed up with highly skilled Lebanese architects to establish GM Architects Beirut in 1997 and, later on in 2006, GM Architects Abu Dhabi.

Today, GM Architects has successfully reached a wide and diversified array of countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, France, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco.

From the smallest remodeling to the largest building, a design firm has the responsibility to create works that will have a positive effect on individuals. Stemming from this belief, GM Architects has designed commercial office exteriors and interiors, luxury retail projects of all shapes and sizes, high-end restaurants, and major hotel and resort brands, such as Starwood, IHG, Rotana Hotels and, most recently, Sofitel Luxury Hotels and Campbell Gray Hotels. By seamlessly layering and integrating architecture, interior design elements, custom signature furniture, environmental graphics and art, GM Architects has created holistic and contextual experiences for each of the projects it developed, effectively giving each one of them its personalized signature.
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