Issues of ethnic, racial and religious minorities in the Middle East are axial subjects for the research at the center, which prepares specialists in the field of settled minorities in this rich region, as well as social workers, counselors and experts at the international and local organizations. The basic objective is of two dimensions:
  • First, to preserve the cultural heritage of these minorities, after the collection, classification, study and publication of the data.
  • Second, to introduce the new youth generations to the ‘other’ who is different and with whom they shares the same geographical space, and the same special cultural and civilized space, and with other youth born and living in the land of prophets, monotheists and founders of the first human civilizations.

A fact of an essential added value due to its cognitive wealth, a human maturity and a social openness, so that the oriental personality shall be defined and distinguished during the first century of the second millennium.

Research subjects focus on the personal identity of every minority population taken from its various human, historical, social and cultural aspects. In addition, it tackles its interaction with its socio-geo-political surrounding and its role in writing the human history at one stage of the social, political and cultural growth, and its contribution in the evolution of humankind at all levels.

The importance of research and the exploration of a heritage and product of these minorities, to study and publish it, is of a relevant value in humanizing individuals and groups in the globalized era and make it accessible to all so it does not erase but instead enrich the research subjects in the humanities or natural sciences.
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