Patterns, conditions and research methods

The Team: a research professor who runs the center with a team of professors, researchers and PhD students from Lebanon and abroad.

The objective: install and diversify the partnership with similar research institutes and centers in Europe and the USA.

The methodology: establish a permanent laboratory that delivers the first individual or institutional research material, such as the PhD school, and prepares the ground for graduate studies, in particular the postgraduate diploma in a Master degree that holds the same title, along with a digital library and a heritage archive related to minorities.

Administrative support: expand the partnership with the Faculty of Theology, Humanities, Letters, Music, Arts, and Law, in addition to the institutes of History and Liturgy in Kaslik.

Research period: between 1 to 3 years according to the type of research and the field work, with the possibility of extending the period to five years for some research.

Type of activities: field studies in the areas of statistics, heritage, arts, literature, philosophy, and humanities related to minorities in the Middle East. These studies are undertaken by one team or more within a programmed research project with clear research goals and methodologies. In addition to quarterly or yearly exhibitions of the artistic heritage of minorities, as well as conferences and seminars where experts in this field are invited.

Budget: no less than the minimum budget per annum provided by a permanent sponsorship of local and international sponsors such as private or public institutions. Such funding will cover:
  • The revenues of the administrative executive team, secretariat and filed team.
  • The design of a website and management of educational tools.
  • The digital archiving of researches and studies.
  • The execution of research and teaching programs.
  • Publishing the scientific researches.
  • Organizing annual exhibitions.
  • Communication activities.
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