9:15 am - 9:45 am : Registration

9:45 am - 10:00 a : Inauguration Session
  • Jihad El Hokayem, PhD, President of Rethinking Lebanon
  • Danielle Khalife-Fraiha, PhD, Dean of the USEK Business School
  • Fr. Talal Hachem, President of USEK
  • Lebanese Armed Forces Commander in Chief, representative
Master of Ceremonies: Rana Abboud, Presenter at Al Jadeed TV

10:00 am - 11:00 am Panel 1: The Rise of the Cash Economy and Poverty
Moderator: Nadine Yamout, PhD, Assistant Professor of Economics at AUB
  • Haneen Sayed, International Consultant in Human Development, Former World Bank
  • Elie Yachoui, PhD, Economist, Former Dean at NDU & USJ
  • Walid Marrouch, PhD, Professor of Economics at LAU

11:00 pm -11:30 pm : Networking Break

11:30 pm-12:30 pm Panel 2 : Fintech and Digital Transformation in a Cash Economy: Challenges & Opportunities
Moderator: Johnny Nassar, CFA, Lecturer, USEK Business School
  • Samer Abdallah, PhD, Partner, Board Member, Head of ICT Sector at KPMG
  • Naji Abou Zeid, CEO at OMT
  • Elie Hajjar, Co-founder & CEO at Inovise

12:30 pm-12:45 pm : Break

12:45 pm- 1:45 pm Panel 3 : Fincrime in the Context of a Cash Economy
Moderator: Fadi Chahwan, Senior Presenter and Talk show host at MTV
  • Wassim Shahin, PhD, Dean of AKSOB at LAU
  • Elie Zeidan, CPO and Managing Director at Potech
  • Mohammad Haidar, Major at the Lebanese Armed Forces
  • Officer from the Financial Crimes Bureau at Internal Security Forces
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