Fadi Chahwan

Fadi Chahwan’s venerable journey spans over three decades, where he has mastered the art of engaging audiences across various media platforms. His role as a talk show host has seen him command the airwaves, moderating debates that pulse with the socio-political heartbeat of the nation.

Beyond the studio lights, Fadi’s influence permeates academia, as he imparts wisdom to the next generation at prestigious Lebanese institutions including Lebanese University, Antonine University, and Balamand University. His curriculum extends from media studies to the intricacies of political communication.

A sage to political aspirants and a mentor to media professionals, Fadi’s consultancy spans electoral strategies to the subtleties of public engagement. His training workshops delve into on-air finesse, from newscasting to talk show orchestration.

The accolades adorning Fadi’s career speak volumes, from being celebrated as the Most Objective and Civilized Presenter to ranking as the Number 1 News Anchor in the Middle East.
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