Elie Hajjar

Elie Hajjar's journey from Microsoft and Oracle to becoming a serial entrepreneur underscores his dynamic career path, leading to the founding of Expand Services and his current role as CEO and Co-Founder of Inovise Inc. His expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual, and Augmented Reality has been pivotal in driving digital transformation, marked by pioneering achievements such as conducting the first metaverse interview with Dr. Talal Abou Ghazaleh, launching Zahle as the first metaverse city, introducing the first Metaverse TV in the Middle East, and establishing the premier metaverse etiquette school for Nadine Daher.

Elie's significant tenure in Fintech and treasury management is highlighted by his leadership in helping to establish the Kyriba office in Dubai and driving Treasury Management consulting channel growth across Canada and the USA, further cementing his reputation as a certified Treasury Management Consultant from New York. Additionally, his legal expertise as a Canadian Notary Public and the Founder of Impart Immigration Consulting brings a distinct LegalTech dimension to his work, innovating virtual notarization and immigration processes with cutting-edge technologies.

Beyond his corporate and entrepreneurial achievements, Elie has shared his wealth of knowledge as a guest speaker at prominent universities, inspiring the next generation of professionals with insights into Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the critical role of fintech innovations in modern business practices.
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