Barbar Zeghondy

Title: Energy Performance of Buildings: Diagnosis and Energy Audit 

Duration: 24 months 

CENERG - École des Mines de Paris 
CRIR de Saint-Gobain Isolation (ISOVER) 

How to redefine the energy performance of the building so that it meets the new challenges? The most appropriate way is to address the fundamental physical phenomena and their thermal representation and modeling of buildings. Scientific locks will be open once an energy audit is performed. In this project, we will focus on improving the energy performance of the building based on actual data. 
The objectives of this project are scientific, methodological and operational at a time:
  • Scientific Objectives: This project is to develop a manual for the tools needed to audit the energy performance;
  • Methodological and operational objectives: it must allow the creation of a database with: consumption, surface temperatures and that of ambient air, the heat flux through the walls, waterproofing, and other variables allowing the diagnosis of comfort and energy efficiency by high-energy consumption label, in addition to another for CO2 emission.
A platform of research dealing with the thermal phenomena of the building will be developed later in the project.
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