Marie-Therese Saliba

Title: Design and Production of Computer Assisted Experiments for Educational Purposes 

Duration: 2 years 

PartnershipUniversité de Montréal – Canada 

The micro Library designed by the educational robotics lab at the Université de Montréal, in collaboration with our University, proves that we can produce cheaper good quality didactic material (the object of our research), which adapts with the existing material. This micro laboratory, to which new functions will be added, is easy to use and allows dealing with the demands of new paradigms based on constructivism, as well as gaining skills in sciences and technology. We will add to the computer assisted technological experiment system used in a way that makes these activities multidisciplinary while integrating experimental sciences in technology. 
Our research will be conducted in two stages: the first stage of research and development will focus on the design. The second, the validation stage, will be based on the confrontation between analysis made beforehand and observation made afterwards. These will help us correct the prototype and eventually suggest a new action model or to, simply, improve it by doing both:
  • An inductive approach for the design and draft of a law or a model using scientific and mathematical tools.
  • A deductive approach during the design and preparation of a technological object.
First, we will integrate two successive approaches to learning in one approach. Then we will move to the validation of the latter, specifically the operation of the technological object built. 
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