Rola Zaydan

Title: Monitoring the Evolution of Tributyltin and Risk Assessment of Environmental Contamination 

Duration: 2 years 

The different formulations of antifouling paints available on the market are all made by one or more active toxic substances incorporated in a binder. These toxic substances are added to a volatile organic solvent which facilitates the application, in addition to various additives that ensure cohesion and pigmentation of a protection film. These substances that can be efficient anti-fouling agents, including the TBT, have a suitable solubility in seawater and can have a lethal effect at low concentration for many plants and animals. Moreover, experimental studies show a direct causal link between exposure to TBT and incidence of imposes. Different forms of this molecule often spread on places such as the buoys, boat hulls and docks. Considering the above, this study aims to draw an assessment on the contamination of the Lebanese coasts with TBT. 
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