Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Freshman Arts

30 credits


The mission of the Freshman Program is to provide access to higher education for Lebanese or non-Lebanese students who have the permission to continue studying the foreign curriculum by providing them with courses that comply with the requirements of the Lebanese Ministry of education.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will be informed and readied for higher education programs through appropriate pre-requisites.
2. Students will achieve improved competency in writing, note-taking, active reading, and critical thinking skills to be able to master university level work.
3. Students will develop appropriate university conduct and make progress toward clarifying their choice of major.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will read, understand, and analyze documents related to their course of study.
b. Students will advance their critical thinking through writing an effective critique on topics related to their course of study.
c. Students will know how to find documents related to their course of study by resorting to university library and other recourses.
d. Students will work in teams and individually to conduct laboratory experiments related to their course of study.
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