Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Dean, Mr. Pascal Damien
Associate Dean, Dr. Karine Nasr-Demerjian
Associate Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies, Prof. Mirna Abboud-Mzawak

Head of Department of Religious & Oriental Sciences, R.F. Toni Eid
Director of the Institute of Liturgy, R.F. Ziad Sacre
Head of the Center for Religious Studies R.F. Toni Eid

Assistant Dean for Grants & Projects, Dr. Nathalie Estephan
Assistant Dean for External Relations, Dr. Elie El Ahmar

Head of Department of Education, R.F. Wadih Al Skayem
Head of Department of Languages & Literatures, Dr. Samar Hage
Head of Interpretation & Translation Programs, Dr. Lea Yahchouchi
Head of Department of Philosophy, Dr. Karine Nasr Demerjian
Director of the Language Center and Director of the Freshman Program, Dr. Rabih Nabhan
Director of the Institute of History, Dr. Linda Saber
Head of Department of Journalism, Dr. Rita Khoury

Head of Department of Psychology & Social Sciences, Dr. Nadine Zalaket

Head of Department of Biology, Dr. Rony Abou Khalil
Head of Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Dr. Walid Harb
Head of Department of Nutrition & Food Sciences, Dr. Yonna Sacre
Head of Department of Computer Science & IT, Dr. Elie El Ahmar
Head of Department of Mathematics, Dr. Mohammad Kacim

Head of Department of Communication Arts, Mr. Joseph Chemaly
Head of Department of Conservation, Restoration of Cultural Property and Sacred Art, R.F. Joseph Moukarzel
Head of Conservation & Restoration Program, Mr. Joseph Zaarour

Dean of the School of Music & Performing Arts, R.F. Miled Tarabay
Head of Higher and Specialized Music Education Program, Dr. Edward Torokian
Head of Music Industry Program, Mr. Michel El Zoghbi
Head of Music Program, Dr. Youssef Abi Raad
Head of Performing Arts Program, Dr. Lena Gebran
Head of the Academy of Music & Theater, R.F. Miled Tarabay
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