Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mission and Vision


The mission of the Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) is:
  • To foster innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among USEK community through events, workshops, competitions and education
  • To serve as a go-to center in transferring business ideas into successful startups through providing proof-of-concept, mentorship, acceleration, funding, and incubation
  • To assist SMEs within USEK community through providing business development and consulting services and capital to scale and expand


Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to serve innovators, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs within USEK community in order to contribute to the growth of the Lebanese economy and creation of jobs. We aspire to support startups and existing SMEs through a mix of targeted initiatives
Strategic goals
1. To encourage our students by creating job opportunities for them in Lebanon
2. To foster innovation & entrepreneurship
3. To rationalize and capitalize on disparate initiatives within USEK
4. To promote entrepreneurship across faculties and create synergies
5. To support USEK entrepreneurs to create new ventures or expand their existing business
6. To nurture the culture of risk-taking and creativity among USEK community
7. To secure on "best-efforts" basis the sustainability of the center
8. To build a strong reputation in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon
Director : Nancy Saliba Boueri (+961) 9 600 842
Program Manager: Reda Helbawi (+961) 9 600 822


  • Opening
    Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. (closed on USEK holidays)
  • Office Address : Business School - Block D - Office D418
  • Contacts
    E-mail : ;
    Tel. : (+961) 9 600 800 ;
    Fax : (+961) 9 600 801
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