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As part of the ethos of cooperation for the collection and preservation of heritage and conservation of the collective memory, the PCLS invites individuals and institutions to contribute to the collection of documents about statesmen who had an important position and symbolism in the history of Lebanon. Unfortunately, the circumstances and the bloody events that shook the country and persisted in destroying it, caused human loss and physical damage, and inevitably documents and papers were scattered and damaged.

But we sincerely hope that some of them are still preserved among the documents of surviving people and families. Accordingly, the PCLS calls upon those who have papers or photographs which document a certain event or occasion, and would fit within the historical and heritage collections saved in the Center, to respond to this invitation, through one of the following two ways:
  • Donate their documents/photographs to the Phoenix Center for Lebanese Studies at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.
  • Lend them to the Center in order to be digitally photographed and then returned to their owners.

Through these efforts, we will manage to keep for our children a history that was not wiped away by crises, nor fabricated by certain parties, nor eliminated by some projects.
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