Info for Researchers

Reading Room Rules

During research and investigation, the researcher should abide by the following rules:
1- Unclassified archival materials and damaged documents are not accessible.
2- In principle, research is done on digital copies. The original documents can only be consulted in case of request for comparison only.
3- Researchers can consult archival material related to their research subject only.
4- Researchers are forbidden to give, copy or photocopy the archival material for a third party.
5- It is forbidden to enter the research room with bags, computers, cameras, etc.
6- You are allowed to bring in bottled water with a closed top, but not other liquids which may cause damage to materials. Food and eating are not permitted in the Center.
7- You are not allowed to smoke in the Center according to the University no-smoking policy on Campus.
8- You are expected to keep talking to a minimum.
9- Mobile phones in the Library must be either switched off, or put on silent mode. If these rules are broken, the research may be cancelled.

Researchers who do not obey these obligations cannot carry out research and investigation again.
Thank you for your co-operation in observing the PCLS guidelines.
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