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The Phoenix Center for Lebanese Studies (PCLS) is a multidisciplinary space that aims to form archival collections from materials that belonged to individuals or institutions and to establish databases that cover numerous fields related to Lebanese studies.

PLCS has also been working on establishing programs and initiatives and promoting Lebanese studies. It also strives to protect Lebanese heritage through giving life back to unknown and forgotten Lebanese figures and their work. Contributing to the PCLS is, in other words, contributing to the development and continuity of Lebanese culture and existence, for it is through the preservation and study of the past that the future can be impacted and well-prepared for.

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1- A sum of money
To support a project, you can contact us on +961 9 600 356, send us an email or send a bank transfer to:

2- Archives
For a donation of archives, magazines, maps and audiovisual materials (films, tapes, etc.), please contact us on +961 9 600 356 or by email
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