The Penman a Warm Balance

Date: 2017


The Penman a Warm Balance
القلم الميزان الدافئ

Anthology : Book No. 10
Author : Jamil Jaber
Prepared by : Father Maroun Hayek
Year : 2017
Publisher: PCLS
Page: 209 p.
Size: 17x 23
Form Cover: Soft Cover
ISSN 2518-5152
ISBN: 978-614-8007-77-4-

This book compiled from the archives of Jamil Jaber includes literary, intellectual and social articles and research, among others, published in several Lebanese, Arab, and foreign newspapers and magazines.

He is a penman who established a warm balance that does not hurt, distort, hate or destroy...

He is a complementary penman who spoke about the important issues of his time and who championed creative writers and artists with a creative, objective, loving, graceful and beautiful style.

He established a real warm balance acting as a worthy example for anyone who aspires to be a critical writer who praises and enlightens others, and this is what makes Jamil Jaber more than deserving of a balanced, objective, study and deep research.

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