Syrian intricacies in American Lands

Date: 2017


Syrian intricacies in American Lands
الغادة السورية في الديار الأمريكية

The Lebanese story : Book No. 10
Author : Kaisar Ibrahim Maalouf
Study and Presentation: Dr. Salim Khalil Kahwaji
Year : 2017
Publisher: PCLS
Page: 208 p.
Size: 13.5 x 20.5
Form Cover: Soft Cover
ISSN 2518-5160
ISBN: 978-614-8007-62-0

The events of this story unfold in both Lebanon and Brazil. The author portrays various aspects of life in both countries. In Lebanon, he mainly addresses, the issues of parental authority and the clergy’s involvement in public affairs on the social level. On the political and administrative levels, he provides an overview of the Mutasarrifiyya regime in Mount Lebanon and of the Vilayet of Beirut, namely the issues of procrastination, bribery, the state of prisons, and forced labor among prisoners.

In Brazil, the story depicts political life, as well as the traditions and beliefs of the indigenous Brazilians who accused the Lebanese of shunning civilization. The author also mentions, in his story, the establishment of associations with sectarian affiliations and provides an overview of newspapers, and of the role of the press in literary and social life in addition to its capacity to unify people and stances.

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