Historical Overview of the Great War

Date: 2016


Historical Overview of the Great War
نبذة تاريخيّة عن الحرب الكونيّة

Lebanese Poetry : Book No. 20
Author : Madelina Estephan Abi Haidar
Study and Presentation: Joseph Abi Daher
Year : 2016
Publisher: PCLS
Page: 107 p.
Size: 13.5 x 20.5
Form Cover: Soft Cover
ISSN 2518-5179
ISBN: 978-614-8007-52-1

Her zajal book tells the story of the First World War in great detail.
In rhymed text, this volume portrays the tragedies of the Lebanese people, the injustice committed by the Ottoman soldiers, and the plague of locusts, which ate everything in sight. It also depicts all the tragic details until the end of World War I, the death of Jamal Pasha “the Butcher” and the return of things to normal.

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