Lebanon From an Emirate to a Nation

Date: 2017


Lebanon From an Emirate to a Nation
لبنان من الامارة الى الدولة

Research : Book No. 12
Author : Carlo Facci
Year : 2017
Publisher: PCLS
Page: 379 p.
Size: 23 x 17
Form Cover: Soft Cover
ISSN 2518-5187
ISBN: 978-614-8007-64-4

Nationalism, which refers to the process leading to state-building, serves as a model for our contemporary societies; as such, it is a topic that has been studied at length. Lebanon was the only country to be formed as a result of the Sykes-Picot Treaty and to enjoy fully safeguarded borders, but it has yet to be the subject of a comprehensive study within the academic community.

Dr. Facci’s book carries out this task brilliantly and is distinguished from the traditional works dealing with this subject (namely those based on Arab nationalism), as it seeks to understand the issue of nationalism in this country from a purely Lebanese point of view.
It is also the first book of academic merit that explicitly deals with the subject of Lebanese nationalism by analyzing the political process that drove various confessions, over a century, to establish a unified State in 1920.

Lebanese nationalism, by virtue of this analysis, is derived from three factors: political “Maronitism”, the liberal elite emanating from the Renaissance movement, and French politics at a decisive time for the emergence of Greater Lebanon in 1920.
The results of this study redefine the intrinsic ties between Arabism and "Lebanonization" in an innovative vision, which confirms that these two fields are indissociable from modern political thought.

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