• Academic Rules and Student Life

    Since its founding, USEK seeks, and in accordance with the Article 92 of the Constitutions of the OLM (ed. 2012) and the social teaching of the Catholic Church on universities, to contribute to the...
  • On Campus Code of Ethics

    Introduction This Code of Conduct on Campus of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik is the complement of institutional and academic rules defined by the statutes and regulations in force at USEK....
  • Disciplinary Council

    Composition A unique Discipline Council for all the students is set up within USEK. It is composed of five tenured members and a substitute member, appointed by the University Council for a...
  • Studio Culture Policy

    The Studio Culture Policy invites students, teachers and administrators to have a positive attitude, act with transparency, enthusiasm, ethics, respect, commitment, and work for their personal...
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