The University’s regulations outlined here cover different sections of regulatory expectations. Applicants, new and continuing students should familiarize themselves with these documents, particularly those that are most likely to be relevant to them and their studies.

  • Academic Rules and Student Life

    A comprehensive guide academic rule and student life outlining major aspects of studying at USEK : Admission | Registration | Tuition & Financial Aid | Assessment and Grading | Academics Rules and...
  • Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Council Procedures

    USEK code of conduct for living, learning, and researching safely, fairly, and equally on campus. Includes disciplinary procedures for a breach of university regulations.
  • Student Handbook

    This instructive manual has been specifically crafted to enhance your USEK journey. Within these pages, you will discover all essential information about student life and academics, equipping you...
  • Studio Culture Policy

    Policy, rules, and regulations for improving and safeguarding the effectiveness of the studio environment.
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