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Welcome to your space, the place of Forging Future Leaders. UMC is where the journey begins, a reflection of Leadership and Public Speaking grounded on the principles of Model United Nations. Our goal? Promoting sociopolitical education through international affairs and inter-governmental policies, to shape you into leaders and thinkers. As Chair, I can assure you that success is the outcome – so all you have to do is listen to your trainers, engage with the board, and participate in forums. Let’s GO!

Kevin Awkar, MA


UMC’s mission is to forge future leaders by developing our member’s knowledge and competencies for diplomatic simulations, and public speaking skills. Moreover, our main purpose is to promote socio-political education through international affairs and inter-governmental policies; hence, shaping students into leaders and thinkers.


We aim to change the world with one delegate at a time! We believe that MUN is an opportunity for all students to find a new path that can showcase potential and progress. Thus, we envision growing within the USEK community and adding achievements to the portfolio of each member.

Kevin Awkar, MA

Kevin is a motivated achiever with four years of experience in Project Management, Research, and Communications - and three years of experience in organizing simulation models. He is an USEK Alumnus and Chair of UMC. He holds a Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies (GPA of 4/4.0) and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences – both with Honors Awards. He is the Operations & Office Coordinator to the Executive Director at the René Moawad Foundation, and an expert in public speaking. Kevin joined USEK MUN in 2019 (as a university program back then), won the diplomacy and outstanding delegation awards at New York City’s WFUNA International Model United Nations Conference – and held the positions of Training Coordinator, Head of Trainings, and Programs Director. In 2020, he led the rebranding phase of USEK MUN for it to officially become a Chapter, have its own Bylaws, and attract more than 100 students. In addition, Kevin is a detail-oriented professional with answers, solutions, and strategies - as the secret of his success is being highly organized, passionate, an effective communicator, and a team player.

Charbel Sfeir
Lead Executive

Professional, precise yet bold and determined. Charbel is the Lead Executive at UMC, and an USEK senior studying Law. He spends most his time working as a paralegal in his family-based law firm, and has high ambition of leading the law field. In 2022, following a year of success grounded on his position paper award at BEYMUN 2021, he was as the Forum Director. On the other side of the spectrum, Charbel has deep fascination in music - in which he plays several instrument in different musical projects, as well as being a DJ on weekends. So if you are interested in psychology, politics, and philosophy – have a walk with the Lead.

Nour Kmeir
Forum Director

Nour is an USEK senior studying Modern languages and Translation, and holds a B2 language certificate in Spanish. Member of the UMC family since 2020, Nour won the Honorable Mention Award at BEYMUN 2021. In 2022, Nour has been appointed as the Chapter’s Executive Secretary – hence, a board member. After a year of success, she is now ready now to take over the role of Forum Director for the upcoming term. So if you ever need genuine and professional motivation, Nour is your go-to person.

Christopher El Murr
Programs Director

Currently an USEK senior in Clinical Psychology (GPA: 3.7/4) and Programs Director at UMC, Christopher is a motivated team player with the aim or growing on a professional and personal level. Believing that communication is key, he tends to excel in team activities and projects. Throughout his academic journey, Christopher has continuously sought out challenges that have enhanced his communication skills, diplomatic abilities, and socio-political understandings. If you are a firm believer in learning from your mistakes and building yourself up through the lessons learned from them, then our board member is your reference.

Joy Topalian
Executive Secretary

Joy is an USEK junior studying business management & entrepreneurship. Fascinated by the entrepreneurial environment, she has accomplished several objectives including but not limited to: holding the executive secretariat at UMC, promoted from a competition organizer to the President of the Student Community at the Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – ACIE, and leading a workshop with up to 40 applicants. After completing the FNF & Riyada 4-day summer program: “Revolutionizing Polities: Through the lens of technology” where she won the honorable mention award – Joy’s ambition started to grow. Thus, her executive mindset is a ground base for success.

Maria Imad
Head of Trainings

Driven and ambitious, Maria believes that knowledge is power. She is an USEK junior studying Business Administration - majoring in Finance (GPA: 4/4.) -. Maria has an A2 certificate in German, and ever since joining UMC in 2021, she has handled a variety of challenging subjects such as: economics, the fight against poverty, and gender equality. Hence, in 2022, Maria was appointed as a Training Coordinator and then Head of Trainings. She is also a member of GGIT “Girls Got it” organization that works on supporting girls in their career in STEM and empower them in collaboration with UNICEF, LLWB (Lebanese League for Women in Business).

Nicole el Khayatt
Priori Members and Social Media Coordinator

Nicole is an USEK senior in Communication and Visual Arts. Ever since her high school days, she always leaned towards philosophical and historical subjects as they had an artistic sense to them, and knew that her career shall be based on the creative field. In addition to holding the positions of Content Creator and Marketer & Advertiser at two local businesses, Nicole is leading UMC’s media path as its social media coordinator since a pretty good time now. Nicole’s communication’s knowledge not only is an addition to the Chapter, but an outstanding reflection of what the alternative future holds.

Anthony Saliba
Intercampus Coordinator

Anthony is an USEK senior studying management and entrepreneurship, curious about leadership and presentation skills. Anthony is a team player who enjoys working with others, in addition to sharing solutions and fresh ideas. In 2022, he was appointed as the Intercampus Coordinator of UMC and was part of the organizing team for the Zahle RUCxUMC event. He is currently a professional cashier operator, and a Project assistant Intern for the Safir EU program at the Asher Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Moreover, he is working on earning a certificate as a volunteer at Nasa Space Apps Lebanon Branch.

Elsa Karam
Training Coordinator

Currently a second-year Biochemistry student at USEK and Training Coordinator at UMC, Elsa is eager and passionate about research and gaining practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, she is a part-time private tutor with a passion for scientific subjects. In 2022, Elsa has participated in training sessions and workshops that enhanced her leadership, communications, team building, and time management skills to train future delegates. Thus, she is now ready to lead and train with patience and confidence.

Diana al Hayek
Communications Coordinator

Diana is an 18-year-old biochemistry student at USEK, and the Communications Coordinator at UMC. Moreover, she is a research coordinator at MTT, and laboratory intern at Nafela foundation. Her passion for science and research is combined with the love of being an active part of society, which led her to have several ongoing voluntary work in different NGOs, and consider a minor in political science. In addition, reading is one of her favorite amusements given that learning and expanding a range of thoughts beyond personal experience is foremost to Diana. She holds a great appreciation for art and music, so she taught myself how to paint and play the acoustic guitar.

Tony Hayek
Research and Development Coordinator

Tony Hayek an USEK senior studying mechanical engineering, as well as the Research and Development Coordinator at UMC. He is very good at playing bass guitar and other various instruments. Tony is into blues, rock, and country songs, a good listener in general. In addition to that, he is a scout leader in the Lebanese Scouts Association, in which he has been a member for over 13 years now.

    The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Beirut Office is focused on Lebanon and its people. Regional and local turmoil makes the work of the foundation in this country challenging, forcing our office in Beirut to constantly adapt to new social and political changes. In Lebanon, our main objective is to support Lebanese start-ups, civil society organizations and liberal political parties while raising awareness about political education, female empowerment, and durable development. 
    Model United Nations has affected millions of delegates in personal, social, and academic ways. But there has always been a missing link – translating your knowledge and skills into actual impact in the world. MUN Impact seeks to fill this gap by giving you the tools, ideas, networks, and inspiration to take action in your community. The MUN community is ready to partner with the United Nations, promote the SDGs and create the positive change our world needs.
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