Student voice

The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) places great importance on the academic participation of students in the decision-making process, as it believes that students should contribute to the enhancement of academic programs and to the improvement of students’ campus life and learning experience.

Feedback on the academic experiences of students is communicated through a student council in each academic unit, which allows students to raise any concerns over academic issues such as course content, teaching methods, assessment criteria, resources, and feedback, and will also provide testimonials of good practice.

Student council will report directly to the head of the concerned academic unit/associate dean and director of the Student Affairs Office, and consequently to the president.

  • Call for Candidacy

    By the end of each academic year, a call for candidacy will be sent by email to all students. (dates to be defined in the University’s Academic Calendar).
  • Eligibility

    Students considered eligible are those who meet the following criteria: Undergraduate Students: Have already accomplished 30 credits of their program; Have a cumulative GPA of 75/100...
  • Selection Process

    Prospective student council members are invited to fill out an online application within the relevant deadlines (mentioned in the Academic Calendar). Applicants will receive a confirmation...
  • Student Council 2023-2024

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