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Regional University Centers

Committed to providing higher educational opportunities for students who would otherwise not have access to it, USEK’s three regional university centers (RUCs) in Lebanon act as instructional locations who offer courses for students who want to earn a degree within their communities and achieve their educational and career goals.

Students can benefit from studying in a small learning environment, developing meaningful relationships with faculty, attentive to their needs, in a convenient location.

For information about the courses per program offered at the RUCs please go to Find a Program and select the relevant Campus.

USEK Regional Campus Benefits:
  • Small classes with experienced faculty members who are practicing professionals in their field
  • Convenient schedules leaving you enough time to fit in work or family responsibilities
  • Access to full-time staff to assist students with financial aid, registration or general academic program questions
  • High-tech resources
  • Convenient parking
Zahle enrolled its first students in September in 2000/2001. Located 55km east of Beirut the campus Zahle lies at the meeting point between the Lebanon mountains and the striking Beqaa plateau, and is famous throughout Lebanon and the region for its pleasant climate, numerous riverside restaurants and quality arak.

Why Zahle?
The largest of the regional centers, Zahle offers courses in academic programs across most core disciplines, including applied arts, architecture, agriculture, business and commercial sciences, engineering, fine arts, food sciences, humanities, law, philosophy, and sciences.

RUC Zahle offers undergraduate courses in different disciplines such as:
  • Architecture and Design
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Civil / Mechanical Engineering
  • Education
  • Law
  • Biochemistry
  • Nutrition and Dietetics


School of Law & Political Sciences
Law Degree (137 credits)

USEK Business School
Bachelor in Business Administration (99 credits)
- Audit
- Finance

School of Architecture and Design
Bachelor & Master of Architecture (102 out of 190 credits)
Bachelor of Arts in Design and Applied Arts (108 credits)
Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Visual Arts (108 credits)

Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (96 credits)
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (96 credits)
Bachelor of Arts in Education (96 credits) | Emphasis: Basic Education
Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (96 credits)

School of Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (68 out of 146 credits)
Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (68 out of 146 credits)

Enquire to apply

Director: Fr. Boutros Eid
E-Mail: zahle@usek.edu.lb
Phone: + 961 (8) 932 132, + 961 (8) 932 232
PO Box : Main Highway – Zahle – Lebanon
The RUC of the South, Rmeich is a small RUC with a big presence in the community. Located in the richly historical district of Bint Jbeil, near the southern border, the campus is close to the first Maronite monastery built in South Lebanon.

Why Rmeich?

Set in a remote and pleasant part of Lebanon, Rmeich offers undergraduate courses in business to meet the demands of the students in the community.


Bachelor of Business Administration (99 credits)
Emphasis :
- Finance

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E-Mail: rmeich@usek.edu.lb
Phone: + 961 (7) 470 470
Fax: + 961 (7) 471 400
PO Box : Couvent Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation – Rmeich – Liban
Our RUC of the North, Chekka was established in 2000, and offers undergraduate coursesin Business and Architecture & Design. This center prides itself on promoting human values and community spirit with a focus on the cultural heritage of Lebanon and the Near East.

Why Chekka?
Set in a coastal town located in the South of North Lebanon, Chekka is considered as the center for education for the neighboring regions, answering the aspirations of the community by offering both commercial and artistic programs.

RUC Chekka offers undergraduate courses in disciplines such as:
  • Business
  • Architecture and Design


Business School
Bachelor of Business Administration (99 credits)
Emphasis :
- Audit

School of Architecture and Design
Bachelor & Master of Architecture (88 credits out of 190 credits)
Bachelor of Arts in Design and Applied Arts (108 credits)

Enquire to apply

E-Mail: chekka@usek.edu.lb
Phone: + 961 (6) 543 216
Fax: + 961 (6) 543 219
PO Box: El-Rahban street – Chekka – Lebanon
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Tel.: (+961) 9 600 000
Fax : (+961) 9 600 100
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