Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Natural Sciences

24 credits
For students entering the program at the Sophomore level
(holders of a recognized Baccalaureate or Freshman diploma - equivalent to 30 credits)


The mission of the natural sciences minor is to prepare students for med school by providing them with the sufficient requirements to present the MCAT exam, as well as to prepare students interested in developing a better understanding of the basic sciences by providing them knowledge in many natural sciences fields (biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics).

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will be prepared for entry-level employment in a wide variety of fields, or for graduate study in health professions or other natural sciences-related disciplines.
2. Students will be able to place scientific knowledge into an ethical context, especially how natural sciences can contribute to the resolution of ethical, social, and environmental issues.
3. Students will develop the ability to think critically, analyze, synthesize, and use information to solve problems.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will understand and apply scientific principles, including forming hypotheses, designing experiments to test hypotheses, and collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data.
b. Students will develop the ability to use appropriate laboratory or field procedures, methods, and instrumentation for biological or chemical studies.
c. Students will develop breadth of knowledge in the natural sciences, including the fields of chemistry, physics, evolution, molecular biology, genetics, and physiology.
d. Students will develop the ability to communicate scientific ideas, orally and in writing.
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